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Welcome to VivaFunVegas

We are a professional fun casino that caters for any event or occasion, including weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, fundraising "casino nights", product launches, team building events and corporate entertainment.
We're passionate about what we do and would love to earn your business.
The Two Greatest Classic Casino Games
We proudly offer the two greatest casino games, Roulette and Blackjack, full size and authentically dealt by professionals with experience in the casino gaming industry.
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Casino Excitement Without Any Risk - competitive interactive entertainment
The enjoyment of almost any event or occasion can be enhanced by the presence of a fun casino.
Your family and friend's, client's or guest's, can enjoy the glamour and excitement of playing our beautiful full size authentically dealt casino games without risking a penny of real money.
If you so choose, prizes can be awarded to the biggest winner(s), or even the biggest loser !
Genuine Full Size Casino Equipment - unmatched by any other UK fun casino
Our extraordinarily beautiful full size genuine Abbiati deluxe Salon Privé Roulette table, with it's gorgeous full size 32 inch / 80 cm single-zero European Roulette wheel, and our absolutely stunning John Huxley Heptagonal Elite Blackjack table, are exactly the same as those you will find in the gaming rooms and salon privés of exclusive high end casinos around the world.
Nobody else in the UK fun casino industry offers equipment of this quality, just one of the many ways in which we're "measurably superior".
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Authentic Play And Payouts
Our games are dealt, played, and winning bets are paid, exactly how they would be if you were playing in a real casino.
As in real casino, a float of value chips is used on all of our tables, and a full salad of colour chips are in use on our Roulette table.
Just like in a real casino we impose minimum and maximum permissible bets on both of our games.
Playing and paying our games authentically most definately adds to everybody's overall enjoyment of the fun casino experience.
Step-By-Step Player Tuition
We teach your guest's how to play, step-by-step, on a live game.
With an friendly knowledgable dealer explaining everything, we find that even players who have never laid eyes on a casino table in their lives before, tend to catch on very quickly and thoroughly enjoy their play after just a few minutes.
There's no need to worry if one of your guest's is unsure about anything at one of our tables, all they need do is ask their dealer, who'll be more than happy to answer any questions, and explain any aspect, of any game, at anytime.
We Cherry-Pick Global Casino Rules To Bring You And Your Guest's The Very Best Table Action
In life, in general, it is fair to say that no one country in this world enjoys the monopoly of being the best at everything. This holds true in the world of casino gaming where different countries have developed different ways / procedures for playing each of their games.
The beauty of being a fun casino is that we don't have any restrictive government / gaming board rules to worry about, or house edge / profit margin to consider.
This enables us to cherry-pick the very best game rules from casinos around the world and incorporate them into our game's to ensure the maximum fun playability for you and your guest's.
In Conclusion ... for those with a taste for "measurably superior"
Why settle for inferior quality equipment and non-authentic play, when with us you can enjoy the best ?
If you appreciate the finer things in life, are passionate about quality, understand that value for money is about a lot more than just price, and believe that you and your family / friend's / clients / guest's deserve nothing but the best, then VivaFunVegas really is the only way to go.
Get in touch, we'd be delighted to earn your business and take your booking.
We look forward to welcoming you and your guest's to the game and dealing to you soon, in a "measurably superior" way of course.
Experienced Professional Croupiers Only
We only employ experienced
ex-casino gaming industry professionals to deal our games.
If they haven't dealt the game in a real casino, they don't get to deal it to you and your guest's on our tables.
When you absolutely, positively, want to enjoy casino games dealt the way they should be dealt, accept no substitutes.
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No Licence Required
- it's just for fun !
In Britain fun casino's are legally classified as themed entertainment.
This means that they do not require a gaming licence or any special permission to hire or operate.
There are of course rules, about what is and isn't allowed, but they don't get in the way of you and your guest's having a fantastic fun casino experience.
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Fundraising Fun Casino Events
Fundraising fun casino events are a fantastic way to have fun, promote your good cause and raise funds for your charity, club, school, society, group, hospital or organisation.
Guests make a donation to your cause by buying-in with real money, and playing our games for prizes.
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Always Compare Apples With Apples
In the event that you find another UK fun casino operator offering what appears to be better value than us, you really owe it to yourself, your wallet, and your guest's to check out and compare exactly what's on offer.
You'll soon discover that not all fun casinos are created equal.
We want you to have an appetite for "measurably superior" before you book with us.
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