measurably superior fun casino hire
The ultimate "fun" casino game
We're delighted to offer our client's Craps, (most often referred to as Dice in the UK), on our full-size Craps table which is twelve feet long, and can accommodate sixteen players.
As far as we know we are the only fun casino in the UK to offer Craps dealt as it should be dealt, full-size, Las Vegas / American Cruise Ship style, by a crew of three dealers, a stickman and two base dealers, exactly the same as in a real casino.
Every Craps dealer who deals on our game is an experienced professional, some having worked with me on a dice crew years ago.
Some of these guys have dealt the game not only in the UK, but also on US daily gambling ships, cruise ships or in the Bahamas.
The only things missing on our game are the Boxman (no money = no cheating or arguments = no need for an overseer) and a fourth dealer who in a real casino would be away from the table "missing" on a break anyway.
The #1 game in Las Vegas
Craps is a dice game originating from the English game Hazard.
Although now sadly a very rare game in British casino's (only three or four tables in the whole country), Craps is the number one casino game in Las Vegas where all of the huge Strip, and almost all of the Downtown casinos, have multiple Craps tables offering non-stop action.
Nothing compares to this game
There really is nothing else in casino gaming to compare with the excitement of a busy Craps game "on a roll".
The entire table screaming and shouting encouragement as the shooter launches the dice into the air is an experience never forgotten.
Just watching a Craps game and listening to the Stickman "singing" his ryhming, and often cheeky, banter is great fun and entertainment in itself.
Get involved in the game and the fun moves up to a whole new level.
Organised chaos - don't walk, join in the fun !
At first glance Craps appears to be the most confusing chaotic activity that you ever saw in your life.
This initial impression of chaos, and the resulting confusion, intimidates most people so much that they simply walk away and in doing so miss out on by far the best fun action, and value for money, in the whole of casino gaming.
Virgins welcome - we promise we'll be gentle
Craps Virgin's, there really is no need to worry, You'll be absolutely amazed at just how simple the basic rules of Craps are.
With our expert guidance you'll soon understand the basics and be learning lots more about this fascinating game.
Before the end of the session you'll be "sending in" bets, "pressing 'til it hurts", taking full odds and shooting dice like a pro.
We think you'll soon agree with us, that playing Craps is the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off.
American Craps - 10x Odds - Come Action - DC Action - Centre / Prop Box Action
Those of you who already know and love the game we can promise you a fantastic authentic, American Cruise Ship / Las Vegas style, fun Craps experience.
We allow you to bet a fantastic up to 10 times odds / lays behind the Win Line / Don't Win Line.
Our authentic game also offers Place, Buy, Lay, Come / Don't Come (with odds / lays), Field bet action, Prop Box / Centre action such as Hard-ways, Any's, Yo's, Hi's, Lo's, Horn bets and Big Red. And of course we offer every dice dealer's favourite :-) Big Six and Eight !!!
Why the American way ?
We've chosen to present our game American style because having personally worked on Craps games here in the UK, on US daily gambling ships, cruise ships, Sun City and in Las Vegas, where I was a dealer and a Boxman on the Strip, trust me when I state that by far the best way to learn / enjoy / experience / play Craps is American Cruise Ship / Las Vegas style.
Whooping, screaming and hi-fives are pretty much obligatory - you have been warned !
Learn to Play Craps in just 10 minutes
I'm not going to do a write-up here on how to play Craps. Without being able to demonstrate to you, learning just takes too long.
Instead I'm recommending that you follow the link below to an excellent video by Player's Network School of Gaming on You Tube.
Watch, listen. learn. You'll soon get the hang of it, when explained and demonstrated it really is easy.
Get a taste for the game, and then make sure you come back to this site to book some serious fun Craps action for your party or event.
10 minute Craps
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