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Frequently Asked Questions
Q How many tables are available for hire ?
A We currently have the following tables :
  1 x Roulette
  2 x Blackjack
  1 x Craps
Q How much room space do I need to hire your fun casino ?
A We've published full details, including dimensions, on our Space Required page
Q Is VAT charged on your hire rates ?
A No. We are not registered for VAT
Q Do you offer an authentic full-size Craps experience ?
A Yes, we have a full-size (twelve foot by five foot) Craps table dealt Las Vegas / American Cruise Ship style by a crew of three experienced dice dealers.
Q Can I pay for my hire with cash on the night or be invoiced and settle-up after the event ?
A Sorry no. Our terms are that the full cost of hire, and the refundable equipment deposit, must be received by us at the very latest
28 days before your hire.
Q Are your dealers all professionally trained ?
A Yes. We only hire professionally trained and experienced dealers.
This ensures that we can offer you and your guests the very best fun casino experience.
If they haven't dealt the game professionally in a real casino they don't get to deal it on our tables.
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